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3 good reasons to apply a boat protection wax

By Florian

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3 good reasons to apply boat protection wax

In contact with the natural elements your boat is subject to important constraints requiring a regular maintenance.

Boat cleaning is one of the main tasks to be done to keep it looking good

There are many steps to ensure a thorough cleaning.

The boat protection wax is to be applied either in completion and in complement of a boat polishing or at the beginning of the season after an boat detailing.

It is essential not to miss out on this step, Master Yacht Services offer you its expertise and advice so that your beautiful boat keeps its natural shine in all circumstances!

boat cleaning detailing antibes cannes french riviera monaco1 Boat wax : The indispensable complement

The polish is only an intermediate step in cleaning your hull, finish with a complete finishing boat wax for your boat on the French Riviera in a very efficient way and improves your experience in the maintenance of your boat.

Efforts to eliminate the oxidation and yellowing deserve additional protection doesn’t it?

Neglecting this step exposes your hull more importantly and limits in time the effects of your cleaning and polishing which is a shame after all the time and effort spent polishing the boat.

Adding an extra waxing step in addition to cleaning and polishing allows you to improve longevity and luster on the entire surface of your hull.

It unifies the colors and shines for a flawless result that only wax can bring you.

2 Boat wax : The benefitsboat wax french riviera

-The UV protective film

It protects the paint and gelcoat forming a protective screen against harmful sun rays.

-A high-end Mirror finish

The complementary boat wax treatment is incomparable and brings a long-lasting shine and a lasting hold of the colors,

Applying a wax is not just about UV protection, as well as a perfect finish, it is the cherry on the cake to protect your hull!

Indeed it protects the gelcoat, paints, plastics against aging and discoloration.

-It is also water repellent, which makes future rinses and cleanings easier.

It is an optimal protection of long duration coupled with a perfect shine.

3 Boat wax : If your hull is dull or yellow

No time to waste, make or call us to polish the boat first and wax afterwards

Put on gloves and mask and let’s go for it!

After using at least a hull cleaner that eliminates yellow and rust strains and oxidation … and even better, polishing the boat to eliminate alterations of time and refresh the colors,

Apply a protective wax to effectively complete your boat cleaning maintenance.

OK so How to apply boat wax on my boat?

Working on a dry hull is essential, after doing all the cleaning and polishing steps, you will need to apply your wax by hand with the help of a microfiber.

Work by section but do not let the wax dry before rubbing it with another microfiber it is the “Wax on – wax off”

Then repeat the process on the entire hull or topside (Several hours are necessary.) We are available for you to avoid having to do it for this: contact us

Be careful before using the polish products to check the composition and provenance. We recommend the one we use, it is the boat wax from 3M

A mask and gloves are essential in the polish process. Although it is possible to wax your boat yourself if you have the equipment, the operation remains long and thorough,

We can advise you but you can also contact a boat maintenance professional who has the right equipment and guarantees impeccable service to meet your requirements.

Note: The protective wax is an operation to be performed once or twice a year and is not a long-term treatment like our nano glass coatingĀ treatment

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