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Stainless steel polishing : Do it like a professional

By Florian

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How to do a stainless steel polishing

In this small guide to clean stainless steel, I will show you how to make a stainless steel polishing so that your boat is as beautiful as possible with clean metal parts and without rust.

On the boats there are many stainless steel elements and they rust easily (more or less quickly according to the quality) if we do not deal regularly with a good stainless steel polishing.

stainless steel polishing
boat yacht stainless stell polishing french riviera cannes, antibes, golfe juan, monaco, saint tropez

Polishing the shiny metal parts of a boat is not difficult but it is a regular operation to make your boat shine with a thousand lights;) and that boat cleaning is easier.

1- Cleaning the boat or the part to be treated

First of all you have to clean the boat to remove any dirt you will find my tips to clean his boat like a pro in a future article.

If you do not have the time, just clean the part you want to deal with.

Once it is dry, you can go there and take out the stainless steel polish:

polish 3m stainless steel detailing cote d'azur, french rivieraIt is very important to use a quality stainless steel polish, I have tried several and the best is the 3M products, I recommend this one

But there is another one that works very well it’s Flitz.

2- Apply stainless steel polish

polishing paste stainless steel boats derust boat cleaning

By putting on your latex gloves, apply a small amount of product onto a cloth and rub firmly on the piece to be treated.

polishing stainless steel boat yacht cleaning detailingMake circular movements, the stainless steel polish will blacken what is normal, it is the proof that you gain ground on the dirt!

Tip: use an old toothbrush to go into any nooks and crannies for more firmness.

stainless steel polishing
During polishing

Then once you think the room to clean and the rust points have disappeared, wipe to see more clearly. If the result is not satisfactory, try again.

3- Finishing

Finally, take a clean microfiber to remove residues of polishing paste, a greasy film that will settle after the stainless steel polishing operation.

Then enjoy the result 🙂

french riviera stainless steel polishing boat

Cleaning marine stainless steel removes rust, corrosion start, oxidation and matte film on the surface. If it is done regularly, the parts in question remain bright and like new.

So as soon as you see an early corrosion, be ready to make a little polish!

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